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12 Gene Weingarten Readers Are Serial Gropers

This week, Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten took a "deeply respectful" but skeptical eye to the Sexist's ongoing groping series. "Basically, the column seemed to divide the world into two types of people: 1) Women, and 2) Gropers," Weingarten said of the sexual assault stories. "I believe I have never groped a woman who [...]

Has a Man Grabbed Your Ass In Adams Morgan?

Last night, Sexist reader was groped at the corner of 18th & Columbia Rd. NW. On to the good news: After thinking it over, the woman reported the incident to police, who told her that they were aware of this guy's movements in the neighborhood.  Want to help reduce Adams Morgan's groping population? Read this [...]

MPD Officer Groped By Suspect

One of the gripes leveled at the Sexist's recent groping coverage is that it has so far focused on only one category of victim—women. Men get groped, too, so let's hear one male victim's story. This weekend, a male MPD officer was subjected to a public genital grab, courtesy of a violent burglary suspect. The [...]

Metro Transit Police Talk Groping

The Metro transit system is one of D.C.'s most popular venues for public gropers. Whether it's the guy pushing his erection into your back on a train or the man reaching out to grab your genitals at a bus stop, these transit-based assailants have at least one thing in common—they'll almost certainly be assaulting again [...]

“Why Would I Want to Touch Your Ass?”: When Groping Victims Talk Back

Last week, the Sexist highlighted a fairly common reaction of groping victims around the metro region—say nothing. A woman who got assaulted on a crowded dance floor, a woman who got rubbed on Metro, a girl who got her ass grabbed—they all kept it to themselves. What if they’d said something? What kind of reception [...]

Introducing Our Groping Page

The Sexist is out today; I'll be back posting on a regular schedule tomorrow. In the meantime, occupy yourself by perusing all of the Sexist's groping coverage in one handy spot: Check out our groping page here.

Sexist Beatdown: Guys Who Grab Butt Edition

This is what the guy touching your ass thinks you're thinking.
Public sexual assault: I'm still fucking talking about it! But this time, I've got a little bit of help from the illustrious Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown. Join us for a Very Special Episode of Sexist Beatdown, specially tailored for Guys Who Grab Butt, and [...]

How Bystanders Can Help Groping Victims

Say you're riding home on the Metro, minding your own business, when you just so happen to notice a guy repositioning himself to better rub his erection against a stranger's back. You've just become a witness to a sexual assault. Now what do you do? Commenter m the great posed the question after a recent [...]

A Groping Victim’s Guide to D.C.

Stand up.
In need of a more servicey approach to the Sexist's groping series? Here's a collection of sexual assault resources for victims of groping—and everyone else.
D.C.: Groping is sexual abuse. In D.C. unlawful sexual contact is defined as: "touching with any clothed or unclothed body part or any object, either directly or through [...]

“I Just Wanted Him to Finish And Leave”: Why Some Groping Victims Stay Silent

It used to be that Jessica Graves was always up for a dance party. So when she headed out to Dupont Circle gay bar Cobalt one night in 2006, Graves and a male friend hit the crowded dance floor hard. “We were being kind of raunchy,” she says. “When we go out, my friend says [...]