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Groping, Sexual Assault Policies and the Hypersexualization of College Students

Last week, Wendy Kaminer lambasted Duke University's new sexual assault policy, which is centered upon the idea that "consent is an affirmative decision to engage in mutually acceptable sexual activity given by clear actions and words." In an essay on The Atlantic, Kaminer wrote that a "committee of virginal bureaucrats would be hard pressed [...]

Holla Back DC and the District’s Sexual Harassment Reporting Problem

Holla Back DC—a blog chronicling street harassment in the District–-turns a year old this month. (Make a wish!). One of the reasons that Holla Back has been such a valuable resource over the past year is that it reveals how big of a reporting problem we have in D.C.
Since last March, Holla Back has recorded [...]

Victim Reports “Forcible Fondling” In GWU Library

Over the past school year, the campus of the George Washington University has experienced several public sexual assaults. Back in September, a University of Maryland student entered a G.W. dorm and attempted to sexually assault several sleeping women. Last month, a man on a mountain bike rode around campus exposing himself to female students. Today, [...]

Groping Victim: A Prompt Assault Report Does Not Guarantee A Prompt Police Response

In response to the commenter who thought that her story perpetuated the "myth" that sexual assault victims are too traumatized to report their assaults promptly to police, Fairfax groping victim Emily Ruskowski wants to clarify that she did report her grope to police promptly after her 1 a.m. assault—and was told to wait until the [...]

Diagnosing Groping: New Frotteur Rules Require Three Nonconsensual Rubs

Yesterday, the American Psychological Association released a set of proposed revisions to its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, the document that sets guidelines for psychiatric diagnoses. One diagnosis going under the APA's microscope this year: "frotteurism," a condition marked by the "recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, sexual urges, or sexual behaviors involving touching or [...]

“I’m Claimed By This Pervert”: One Woman Who Reported Her Grope

Emily Ruskowski isn’t thinking of much as she sits on a concrete bench at the Foggy Bottom Metro stop on a late-summer night in 2009. In a station crowded with loitering commuters, one man makes his presence known. He’s tall, young, dressed professionally in a blue button-down and black slacks, not bad looking, actually. He [...]

March Is Public Transit Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Local anti-sexual harassment resource Holla Back D.C. has declared March "Public Transit Awareness Month" in order to "focus on public sexual harassment on our public transportation in the DC metro area." I'm inclined to support this occasion for the following reasons:

“I Wanted Him to Feel Physical Pain”: The Revenge Fantasies of Groping Victims

The man never even touched Miranda Vargas, but her body felt him. While riding the Metro, Vargas watched as a man with a “stale, semen smell” inched close to her, opened his legs, and “began playing with himself over his pants,” Vargas says. As the guy publicly masturbated to her, Vargas’ body experienced symptoms of [...]

Groping at Cobalt, Consensual and Otherwise

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Is there a more grope-centric nightlife destination in the District of Columbia than Cobalt? Out of the dozens of groping stories reported to the Sexist over the past couple of months, two highly non-consensual groping incidents took place inside the Dupont Circle gay bar. In one incident, a man latched onto a woman [...]

Stories From Male Groping Victims (And One Female Groper)

When the Washington Post's Gene Weingarten took the temperature of D.C.'s groping problem this week, he constructed two separate reader polls—one for women, and one for men.
The women's poll asked questions like these: Have you ever been groped? How did you react? Did you report the incident? The men's poll, on the other hand, [...]