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Daily Palin: O’Reilly / Greta / Bristol 2012

Sweet bootlegged Bill O'Reilly camera action!
O'REILLY & GRETA & BRISTOL, OH MY! O'Reilly weighs in on the Bristol Palin / Levi Johnston fallout: MSNBC "incredibly viscious"; "disturbed individuals egged on by . . . the Air America on the radio."
BONUS: Greta downplays O'Reilly's characterization that she is "close to the Palin family," sayinh, "The only [...]

Palin’s Wild And Crazy Ride Gets Crazier, Now With Scientology!

John P. Coale, a top Palin "brand" advisor and husband to official Palin family propaganda conduit Greta van Susteren, has been outed as a Scientologist.

According to "The Truth About Scientology," which tracks public Scientology records (there are public scientology records?), Coale has completed 15 courses, from a 1989 "Not Drugs Rundown" course to a 2005 [...]

Daily Palin: 2012 Obama Crushing Edition

Cruuuuush heeeer
IF SHE DID RUN, HE WOULD CRUSH HER, a new poll finds [PDF]. "A new national [Public Policy Polling] poll finds that nominating Palin could be a death wish for the party, with Barack Obama leading Palin 55-35 in a hypothetical contest. The key reason Palin would lose to Obama by so much is [...]

Daily Palin: Urban Hunter Edition

* UNSURPRISINGLY: Sarah Palin supports regulations allowing "concealed weapons in national parks and wildlife refuges," reports the News-Miner. In a letter, Palin's office stated that "the possession and use of firearms are critical to urban and rural hunters in Alaska." Urban hunters? I think we have some of those in Washington, D.C., too!

Daily Palin: Teens Doin’ It Edition

TEEN SEX! TEEN SEX! Palin news today is overwhelmed by coverage of daughter Bristol Palin making breaking news by telling Greta Van Susteren that teens like to do it. MISSED IT?
MEDIA NOT TO BLAME, REPORTS MEDIA: Greg Mitchell, author of Why Obama Won, feels some need to defend "the media" against claims that it caused [...]

A Palin Denies Abstinence Works

Bristol Palin appeared on Greta Van Susteren's show last night, and Van Susteren actually asked her if she was "lazy about or not interested in" contraception. Palin replied, "I don't want to get into detail about that," which probably means, "The condom broke, and you can't buy emergency contraception from the Wasilla pharmacist if you're [...]