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Google’s Bias Against Beautiful Babies

I attended a performance of Deez Nuts over the weekend (review forthcoming). This local "all-male spin to the Vagina Monologues" contained one reference to D.C. lore that went over my head: In the middle of his monologue, one of the actors referenced an infant cemetery that allegedly rests on the campus of Trinity Washington University. [...]

Proof I’m Obsessed With Erections

I just Googled "The Sexist." (Don't ask me why I thought it would be easiest to access my own blog through Googling it, but it made sense at the time). Anyway, I was greeted by my blog's associated keywords for the first time. Seven out of the eight I get: rape, Lil' Wayne, marriage, drinking, [...]

When Search Engines Reinforce Gender Stereotypes

From tipster Mike Licht at Notions Capital comes this sexist Google correction:

My God. What could it all mean?