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How to Effectively Protest Fred Phelps

Tomorrow, Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting the first day of same-sex marriage in the District. Why? Well, because "God hates fags! God hates fag-enablers! Ergo, God hates District of Columbia, all of DOOMED america, and the World! You've turned the country over to the fags; now your [...]

Conservative Christian Says Censoring “N” Word Is Anti-Religious

"What do the 'N' word, the 'W' word and the 'F' word have in common?" asks Tim Bloedow of, a Web site dedicated to "punching a hole in political correctness." According to Bloedow, refusing to use these racial, sexist, and homophobic slurs (the 'F' word isn't fuck here) displays a "complete disregard for using [...]

Ashley Madison’s Conservative Values, an online dating site that facilitates extramarital affairs, has never been too popular among moral conservatives. Earlier this year, Deroy Murdock argued on Human Events that Ashley Madison has edged out gay marriage as the number one threat to traditional matrimony. Now, cluck-clucking conservatives won't have to choose between the cheaters and the gays: [...]

All Animals Are Gay

Yep, nearly every species of animal on God's green earth engages in "same-sex sexual behavior," UC Riverside researcher Nathan Bailey reports. In a review published yesterday, Bailey and co-researcher Marlene Zuk found that while homosexual behavior spans the Animal Kingdom, the behavior manifests itself differently across species:
"For example, male fruit flies may court other males [...]

Sarah Palin’s God

Chip Berlet and Esther Kaplan for In These Times detail Sarah Palin's application of religion to politics, and provide a run-down of Palin's public statements that hint at the role God's will has played in her rise to power. Berlet and Kaplan run down one well-known incident:
she has come close to attributing her election as [...]