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The Morning After: Offensive Bat Fellatio Edition

* Irish academic Dylan Evans has been accused of sexual harassment after discussing a paper on bat fellatio with a female colleague. Seems like a perfectly acceptable topic of conversation to me; at the same time, I'm not entirely convinced that this guy wasn't discussing bat fellatio in the creepiest way possible. The New Scientist [...]

Beck Too Sexist To Be Palin’s VP

Via Feministing: Glenn Beck has slapped down rumors of a Palin-Beck presidential ticket in 2012. Why? Because Glenn Beck would be an even worse Vice Presidential pick than Sarah Palin was is really sexist!

Tucker Max Makes Ads I Actually Like!

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell has officially frozen over: Tucker Max produced some ads I actually like.
The ads, which are running on Glenn Beck's delightfully incomprehensible Web site, refrain from denigrating women, Mexicans, and the disabled in order to ridicule the religious right. Now that's a deliberately offensive marketing campaign that I can [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Last week on the Sexist:
1. How Sarah Palin Confuses Liberals Into Arguing About Feminism in which Sarah Palin is wrong, but still manages to drag us all down with her.

2. Huffington Post: Liberal Politics, Sexist Entertainment in which a commenter argues for Arianna-approved "testicle slips."
3. Don't Blame Glenn Beck's Hot Mormon Wife in which Tanya's [...]

Don’t Blame Glenn Beck’s Hot Mormon Wife

"I'm so blessed to be able to have a wife who will tell me 'you're coming home now,' and I want that from her."
I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I just received this little gift in my inbox courtesy of Ayn Rand philosophy emporium / Objectivist dating site "The Atlasphere." [...]