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Fun With Ex-Gay Press Releases

"Remnant International Public Relations Division" must have heard that I'm hot on the "ex-gay" beat now. R.I.P. relations (ouch) just sent me a press release offering up Cornelius Williams, author of "Transition: From Homosexual to Preacher," for an interview. (Sorry, PFOX: This ex-gay is based in Chicago). Unfortunately, I am ill-equipped to provide [...]

Do You Know Any Ex-Gays? PFOX Doesn’t, Either

If you do, pick up the phone right now and CALL ME (202-332-2100). If you don't, read my cover story this week on why a dearth of local ex-gays poses a logistical problem for the area's biggest ex-gay advocacy organization. BONUS: A discussion of fun new sexual orientation term, "everstraight"!
Illustration by Robert Ullman