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D.C. to Host First TEDWomen Conference

This December, the TED series of conferences will launch TEDWomen, a two-day meeting in Washington, D.C. that will discuss "women as powerful change agents: In developing nations, women and girls hold the vital link to economic growth, public health, political stability." The slate of speakers hasn't been released yet, but the TEDWomen website [...]

Virginia and Maryland’s New Laws Affecting Women and Girls

The Washington Area Women's Foundation has a round-up of new laws affecting women and girls in Maryland and Virginia. Two highlights: In Virginia, "Domestic violence victims will be able to extend protective orders obtained in cases of family abuse or stalking" for two years, with no limit on the number of extensions. And in [...]

The Morning After: Non-Consensual Sex Blogging Edition

* A new sex blogger writing for THE LINE asks: Does writing about your sexual experiences veer into non-consensual territory?

Sexist Beatdown: The Self-Loathing Spiral of Girlhood Edition

This one's for the tweens. Say you're a typical seventh-grade girl. And so, as is typical for a girl your age, a good deal of your existence is devoted to self-loathing. You hate everything about yourself—your skin, your weight, your clothes, your hair, the way you eat, the way you talk, the way you walk, [...]

“Swing It Again, Elin!” In Sweden, Domestic Violence Is Girl Power

Sweden, a nation that has managed to avoid war for over 200 years, has nevertheless been quick to condone overseas agression in one recent conflict: Stockholm-born Elin Nordegren's reportedly golf-club assisted assault on her philandering husband, Tiger Woods. Today on the Daily Beast, Katarina Andersson noted how some prominent Swedish media types have reacted to [...]

Holiday Gifts for the Body-Conscious Little Girl

The holiday season is approaching, which means it's time to roll out more products to help our little girls feel very bad about their bodies. (That, or pregnant). Over the years, toy-makers have boldly invented new mechanisms by which they can make money off of the body consciousness of young girls. Below, inventors push girls [...]

New York Times Sienna Miller Profile Doesn’t Like Girls

Last week, New York Times theater reviewer Charles McGrath penned a piece on Sienna Miller's Broadway debut. The piece has been roundly criticized for overstating Miller's affairs with famous men. The story begins by reviewing Miller's "long and well-documented romantic history," which includes "flings" with "Jude Law, Daniel Craig, James Franco and most recently the [...]

This Week In Sexist History: Bathing Beauties Edition

Newspaper stories from the good old days say the darndest things. So every week on the Sexist, let’s take a ride on journalism’s way-back machine, to a time when beach-bound girls were sexy, confident, and refreshingly childlike!
This Week In Sexist History:

The Tweens Are Coming!

Watch out, Washington-area adults, children, teenagers, and male tweens: The tween girls are taking over the District of Columbia. This October, the "leading tween girl research firm" will team up with the nation's largest "tween girl social networking site" to host the first "National Tween Girl Summit"—ever. Details!

Online School for Girls Offers A Single-Sex Solution

Bethesda's Holton-Arms School
Bethesda's Holton-Arms School is one of four schools across the country that will offer single-sex Internet courses through the new "Online School For Girls" this year, the Washington Post reports. The single-sex online education experiment is meant to cater to female students who "learn differently with technology than boys," proponents say. The [...]