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The Morning After: Post-Racial Deodorant Edition

* The Daily Beast's Tricia Romano declares Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa a "post-racial commercial genius." Commercial genius? Yes, ladies. Post-racial? Not so much, says Georgetown Girl.

The Morning After: I’m Not A Feminist But Edition

* NOM's hetero-happy summer bus tour will be shadowed by counter-events organized by Freedom to Marry. The marriage rights group will  respectfully disagree with NOM's "one man, one woman" message at every stop the NOM bus makes. Unfortunately, no actual gay bus will be stalking NOM's anti-gay bus across the highways of this great nation.

The Morning After: Atlas Sucked Edition

* "Atlas Shrugged," the movie, as imagined by Sady Doyle:

If Girls Never Went Outside, Sexual Assaults Wouldn’t Happen

Georgetown Girl points out this WJLA story from earlier this month on a recent sexual assault near the Georgetown University campus. The story is targeted at warning college-aged women to stay inside at night: "Keep in mind, the victim was walking around late at night by herself, and authorities are urging young people to be [...]