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The Morning After: Snow Job Edition

* Porn performer Aurora Snow is also filing updates from the Stagliano obscenity trial. Her take: The prosecution hates fun:

It’s Legal to Keep Sex Offenders In Prison “Indefinitely.” But Can We Fix Them?

Today, the Supreme Court decided that sex offenders can be kept in prison "indefinitely"—regardless of the length of their sentences—if they are considered still "sexually dangerous." Our government reserves the right to exert complete control over the lives of sex offenders, possibly until they die. Is that enough time to rehabilitate them?

And Now, A Less Cunnilingus-y Discussion of Laura Bush!

Sady Doyle refrains from discussing George Bush's tongue on Laura Bush's genitals for a second to discuss some of the less sexy aspects of Bush's fulfillment of the role as First Lady:
self-denial is one of a First Lady's job requirements, however, and Laura Bush fulfilled it admirably. . . . Bush writes of her [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Laura Bush and the Role of the First Lady, Or “I Stayed For the Cunnilingus”

Fuck this.
During her tenure as the first First Lady of the United States of America, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington confided in a letter to her niece: "I think I am more like a state prisoner than anything else," she wrote. "There is certain bounds set for me which I must not depart from."
In [...]

Air Sex Competition: Who Will Dare Pull A Carradine?

I've been mulling over whether to attend this week's Rock & Roll Hotel "Air Sex championship" for a few days now—ever since Metromix announced its intention to supply its very own D.C. competitor. Since I'm not much of an exhibitionist, I'm afraid I may not be able to add much to the coverage. It's Air [...]

Drama at the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator

As President Obama prepared to assume office earlier this month, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Dr. Mark R. Dybul—a W. appointee—circulated a memo saying that the president-elect's transition team had asked him to stay on "temporarily." On Jan. 22, Dybul found out what "temporary" meant—a little under two weeks. Last week, the scene at Dybul's office [...]

Inauguration Fun for Bush Fans!

A 28-year-old man who identifies himself as a "conservative and a big fan of one of the greatest Presdident's ever, George W. Bush," is looking for a date to commiserate with while the rest of the District celebrates the inauguration of one of our worst Presdident's ever.
"For those of us who are not celebrating this [...]

Bush to Obama: A Sexy Transition of Power

Daily Intel is reporting on the touchy-feely aspects of today's meeting between President and President-elect. "Unlike past regime changes, there was no awkwardness between President-elect Barack Obama and President George W. Bush when they met at the White House this afternoon," wrote Jessica Pressler. "How do we know? Because there was nothing between them, except [...]