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No Space For Men To Disclose Small Penis Size

Last year, we delved into the world of, an online dating network that caters to men with long penises—and the men and women who love them. Recently, a reader wrote in to ask if there exists any similar service for men with genitals on the opposite end of the ruler. He writes:
Hello Amanda, I [...]

Woman’s Vagina Falls Out, Replaces It With “Perfect 13-Year-Old Vagina”

Allison Henry had a rough year. A lot of  bad shit went down, but long story short, her vagina fell out. Today, Ami Angelowicz at The Frisky detailed Henry's story. "I am going to spare you the details because I am squeamish and feel too pukey to write about them," explains Angelowicz. She does pass [...]

Gorilla Up-Skirt Confirms Baby’s Sex

The rest of the National Zoo's gorilla population is not amused.
The Washington Post reports today that the baby gorilla born in the National Zoo on Jan. 10 is a baby girl. A zoo spokesperson said it took zookeepers a full three weeks to determine the sex of the gorilla; post-birth, the "hairy arm" [...]