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When Gender Transition Requires a Long, Strange Trip

Planes, change, and automobiles: Suzanne Clayton is going the distance.
Suzanne Clayton, like many transgender women, finds the “journey” metaphor helpful in talking about her gender transition. Clayton lived 37 years as a man before coming out as female two years ago. Since then, Clayton’s gender transition has required a good deal of internal navigation, but [...]

Note to Saint-Ex: “You Guys” Is Gender-Neutral

Yesterday, I arrived at Café Saint-Ex, a self-described "charming restaurant and lounge." After waiting at the bar with my male companion, the host seated us and informed us that our waiter would be by shortly. The waiter approached from behind. "Hey guys," he said, wheeling around to face us. "Oh, God, uhh, wrong choice of [...]

Is the Facebook Avatar a Dude?

Sociological Images accuses Facebook of sexism and ethnocentricsm for using a "white and male" image as its default avatar to represent a typical user, while opting for "orange avatars of both sexes" to represent its "global connection" capabilities.
So why does this shadowy male figure look just like me?

German Bridges Are Girls, Spanish Bridges Are Boys

This morning, NPR reported on an exciting new grammar and gender study by Stanford psychologist Lera Boroditsky. Boroditsky argues that languages which assign masculine and feminine genders to non-gendered objects actually affect the qualities the speakers assign to those objects. So, when a German speaker sees the word "bridge"—in German, the feminine "die brucke"—she's more [...]

Locating Pirates: Who Has the Gender Advantage?

Kelly McEvers, who wrote a great series for Slate about her attempts—and failures—at finding pirates in the Strait of Malacca, chatted online today at the Washington Post about her experience getting the story. She had an interesting comment about the gender politics of reporting from the sea. Who has the advantage in locating swashbucklers—men or [...]

Dell Gets Man Madness!

Dude, you're getting sued! Four former Human Resource execs are claiming that computer co. Dell discriminated against them on the basis of sex and age. The complainants say Dell—and its "All Male 14-Member Leadership Team Headed by Michael Dell" unfairly laid off women over men. Those women who did stay on were subjected to "gross [...]

I Know Why The Caged Bro Sings

Ever since "bro" crept out of the frat house basement and into the mainstream, the now-ubiquitous term has suffered a backlash. Consider the dominant definition of "bro" on "Stupid white trash guys . . . with lifted trucks, wife beaters, shitty music . . . ugly girlfriends, ugly hair, mouths constantly open, retarded as [...]

The Morning After

* For Slate, The Abstinence Teacher author Tom Perrotta explains the political appeal of Sarah Palin's "Sexy Puritan" archetype:
I'm only trying to locate her within the context of the great American culture war, which she seems to have single-handedly reignited during an election season that was supposed to have been dominated by other issues (and [...]

Desperate Measures

For the discerning dater, daily picks from Craigslist's litter.
Misc. Romance: Discreet Married Guy Seeks Older Woman
A: 59
S: m4w
L: Northern Virginia
First Impression: Actually, no. "Did you think your sex life was over?"
Has Priorities: In that order: "I'm retired, educated, sane, attractive, virile, tall, slender, extremely well endowed."
Heart to Heart: Excuse the scare quotes. "My fantasy is [...]

The Naughty Bits: Wedding Week Edition

Judging local takes on sex and gender.
What a week to launch a new sex and gender blog. Since Sunday, The Washington Post's Style Section has been going balls out on its trad. values coverage with "Wedding Week 2008." Whether you've feasted from the Post's Wedding Week buffet or merely dipped your finger in its room-temperature [...]