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Sexist Interview: Thomas MacAulay Millar on Feminist Men

The role of men in the feminist movement is a constant point of contention on the Sexist.
We most recently revisited the issue yesterday, after a study showed that women who observe public acts of sexism—like sexual harassment against other women—tend to direct more anger at men in general. The study demonstrates (among other things) [...]

That’s Housing Discrimination, Broheim

A recent Craigslist advertisement for a vacant Mount Pleasant bedroom—“$770 1 Bedroom in a 6Br, 3 story Bro Palace-America”—has been making its way around the Internets. The ad, which was posted earlier this month (it's since been removed), seeks a "bro of epic broportions" to join a couple an unknown quantity of bros who "like [...]

Men Who Steal Women’s Ideas Right In Front Of Their Faces

Many thanks to Elisa Kreisinger for pointing me to this fascinating collection of anonymous testimonies detailing sexism and racism in Hollywood (also via The Hathor Legacy).
The whole project is really interesting. It's got all the intrigue of a gossip-page blind item, with the added bonus of real social import! But I wanted to single out [...]

The Sex Ed Gender Divide

"If I can get cereal easy, why can't I get condoms like that?"
The D.C. Council's Committee on Health recently completed a survey of about 250 District high school students' thoughts on sex ed. The results reveal some interesting rifts between the male and female sex ed experience. Below, differing perspectives on sex ed—from condom [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Honking Harassment Edition

Last week on the Sexist, my examination of street harassment through honking turned into a BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Do men get more harassing honks from straight guys than women do? Would you rather be constantly sexually harassed or pay for dinner? And how many women can a 5'9" guy bed in one night in [...]

Profiles of Street Harassers: The Guy Who Honks

Street harassment in Washington D.C. is both extremely common and readily ignored. Women who speak out about street harassment have been accused of arrogance and ungratefulness. Believe me when I tell you that women who catch street harassment don't have to be hot shit. Most of the time, the only requirement is that they be [...]

New Security Measures May Complicate Transgender Travel

As of Aug. 15, flight safety regulations require airlines to secure the middle initial, date of birth, and gender  of every passenger on a domestic flight. The regulations, courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration's new "Secure Flight" initiative, seek to "reduce the number of times passengers are misidentified as possible terrorists." The initiative may also [...]

Georgetown University Not So Manly After All

Last year, the Sexist launched Man Madness, a tournament that rated the manliness of 64 local workplaces based on the gender make-up of upper-management. How did a workplace prove manliness? Employ the most men in top jobs (and the fewest women higher-ups).  It was, shall we say, a dubious honor.
Anyway, Georgetown University proved itself almost [...]

D.C. Bathroom Signs: Ignored By Many, Hated By Some, Expensive, and Possibly Illegal

When Omar Miskinyar opened 14th Street NW nightlife spot Policy earlier this year, he invested in the unexpected. Inside the sprawling restaurant, bar, and lounge, ornate chandeliers hang below exposed pipes and ducts. Graffiti by artist Andrew Funk blazes across the tasteful taupe walls. Cherry-red patent-leather booths ring a bar with a wall of flat-screen [...]

Banned Man-Words Video Corner

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