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Who Is to Blame For An Effeminate Man?

Last month, I wrote about how chivalry encourages men to take responsibility for maintaining feminine virtue. Of course, once men assume ownership over the actions of women, women are encouraged to police themselves in order to avoid embarrassing the men in their lives. Endless cycle, no?
Let's take a look at how this collaborative gender policing [...]

The Social Limitations of Guyliner

Maybe he's born with it.
I never thought I'd write this sentence, but: I've recently read a very interesting insight into the phenomenon of "guyliner." My Sex Professor's Dr. Debby Herbenick on the limitations of guyliner-as-trend: "Over the past few years, more and more men have been using guyliner," she writes. "Which would be an interesting [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Girls, Be More Grateful for Valentines Edition

The battle for ideological dominance in our nation’s capital’s collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of instructing women to pretend to be grateful for the attention of men?
This week: How to erase your relationship doubts by [...]

Sexist Beatdown: “Buster Darkhole” and the Conservative College Sex Column

College sex columns: So wrong, they're . . . boring.
This week, the Nation’s Alex Dibranco declared that the college sex column represents "a radical progressive movement in the sense of pushing against traditional silence and the status quo." That might have been true when sex columns first popped up on college campuses in 1996, but [...]

Stealth Anal Sex Anthem: Usher’s “Trading Places”

The first time I heard Usher's new gender-bending single, "Trading Places," the D.J. introduced it as a "backseat jam"—a track that's very conducive to fucking. "Trading Places," which follows Usher and his lady-friend as they trade gender roles in the bedroom for an evening, presents gender transgression as a one-off sexual novelty. It's also not [...]

Davidoff Cigars Not Buying the Male Orgasm Ads

Remember those Davidoff Cigar ads that featured males appearing to achieve orgasm after taking a whiff of cigar smoke? No? Here's a refresher:

Well, it looks like Davidoff has passed on the ad designs. Despite the free advertising provided by widespread Internet speculation concerning the intersection of grodiness and gender-role innovation suggested by the cigar ads, [...]

The Morning After

* Early Tuesday morning, a 23-year-old Capitol Hill woman was stabbed 17 times by an intruder after she fought off his sexual assault. She is expected to survive.
* Eliminating tired, gender-specific table manners is bad business for some New York restaurants, reports the New York Times:
restaurant owners, managers and servers say that in ways that [...]