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Lena Chen on Assault by Photograph

When Lena Chen was a sophomore at Harvard, she started "Sex and the Ivy," a blog devoted to something that most college students do, but few are willing to talk about. On her sex blog, Chen unapologetically aired every taboo of a college student's sex life, from recovering from an eating disorder to recovering a [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Mad Men, Child Rape, and the Problem With Sex Speculation

Was Kater Gordon fired following a gay lawnmower pee accident?
Last week, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner fired Emmy-winning writer Kater Gordon. The week before that, Late Night comedian David Letterman admitted to having sexual affairs with women on his staff. The week before that, film director Roman Polanski was finally detained after raping the 13-year-old [...]

The Morning After: Evangelical Gay Shake-Up Edition

* Richard Cizik, the VP for Government Affairs for The National Association of Evangelicals, stepped down yesterday after making comments on NPR "that he backs same-sex civil unions" [via Shakesville].
* Jezebel—along with the rest of the Gawker universe—gets a massive face-lift to "increase pageviews." Agh, what? But we're still working on our redesign that will [...]