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The Year In Consent

Lessons learned from 2009’s high-profile rape cases.
This was the year of the armchair rape analyst (ARA). If you’ve never run into such a person, here’s a job description: While men across the globe generate allegations of rape, ARAs are charged with casually dismissing the problem from the comfort of their living rooms. They sit back, [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Do Drunk Girls Deserve to Get Raped?

Last week, I wrote about some disturbing Internet comments posted in the wake of the Richmond gang rape that blamed the victim for drinking alcohol. The post inspired some really positive responses . . . and more disturbing Internet comments.
Alex makes the case for victim-blaming—at least girls will now know "the possible consequences of decisions." [...]

Drunk Girls Deserve to Get Raped

Don't believe me when I say that people actually think drunk girls deserve to get raped? Let's take the case of the 15-year-old California girl who was brutally gang-raped at her homecoming dance for hours in front of dozens of onlookers. Apparently, the victim had been drinking. For some people, that turns her horrific rape [...]

The Onion’s Best and Worst Rape Jokes

I've written a lot recently on who can successfully tell a rape joke and what targets are fair game for the butts of those jokes. One perennial source of rape humor, the Onion, gets the rape joke dynamic right a lot of the time. The format has a lot to do it: as America's leading [...]