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Why Cook to Bang, Indeed

The opening chapter of Spencer Walker's PUA-cookbook hybrid Cook to Bang asks, "Why cook to bang?" If you guessed, "Some men are uncomfortable engaging in hobbies traditionally coded as feminine, and must compensate by re-coding cooking as something they do solely in order to bang hot chicks, inspiring them to re-name perfectly normal foods with [...]

Top 5 Ways to Make Chicks Think You’re a Sexy Murderer

Women love men who look like they may have mysteriously murdered other men in the past. But how do you fake that killed-a-guy-but-dont-really-wanna-talk-about-it aura? Turn to local dude blogger Roissy in D.C., who shells out a hell of a lot of advice on how to pick up women—usually, through deception. Roissy's crowning achievement in faking [...]