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Rock The Vote Says Teen Abstinence, Transphobia Will Win Health Care Reform

A new initiative from youth voting campaign Rock the Vote is encouraging young people to "hold out for health care" by refusing to have sex with people who don't support health care reform. In a strange turn of events, I'm with FOX News on this one: This sucks.

Feminists Hate Sarah Palin Because She Lost Her Baby Weight

When Laura Ingraham covered hosting duties for Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor last week, she sought out to answer the age-old question: Why do feminists hate Sarah Palin so much? Hmm—I can think of a few reasons. The resulting discussion between Ingraham, Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn, and Republican pollster KellyAnne Conway produced some [...]

FOX News Compares Raping Child to Losing Olympic Bid

Dan Gainor of FOX News has had it up to here with the mainstream media! No, not FOX News: The other mainstream media. "Excuses, excuses from the mainstream media for everything from child-rape to the Letterman using the office as a dating service to explaining why the president failed to win the Olympics!" Gainor opines [...]

Sarah Palin’s Next Move

On July 3, Alaska Gov. Sara Palin announced her impending resignation from the Governor's seat, citing "a higher calling." In the wake of the announcement, Palin hasn't demonstrated much interest in unsolicited advice from newspapers, bloggers, and Tweeters. But with all of the contiguous United States now at her fingertips, Palin could use our help [...]

Fox News Double Standard Video Corner

I missed this segment last week, when the Daily Show skewered Fox News for making a stink about Sasha Baron Cohen's bare-ass Bruno stunt on MTV, and then staging a lingerie football party full of female T&A. It turns out you don't have to be a liberal to support nudity from females while shunning [...]

Daily Palin: 2012 Obama Crushing Edition

Cruuuuush heeeer
IF SHE DID RUN, HE WOULD CRUSH HER, a new poll finds [PDF]. "A new national [Public Policy Polling] poll finds that nominating Palin could be a death wish for the party, with Barack Obama leading Palin 55-35 in a hypothetical contest. The key reason Palin would lose to Obama by so much is [...]

The Morning After: “Decadent” Gay Lifestyle Edition

* FOX News is concerned that the inauguration will just be one big, gay party. In a sea of boring inaugural coverage, it's S.E. Cupp for the win! Drink this in, sinners:
But the gay-themed events have some conservative critics expressing concerns that while the celebration may be gay-friendly, it won't be family-friendly.

Sarah Palin, Lip Hairs and All

The Oct. 13 issue of Newsweek features an up-close-and-personal photo of Governor Sarah Palin on the cover. The photograph (above), by Nigel Parry, is a tight shot of Palin's face. In person, the image is more striking: the wrinkles are deeper, the stray hairs darker, the pores more defined.
Fox News yesterday had a field day [...]