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Ashley Madison Pro-Cheating Advertising Hits D.C.

Ashley Madison, the online social network for men and women seeking extra-marital affairs, has had trouble landing its advertisements (above) on television and radio. So they've dumped their pro-cheating ads on the side of Remy Santiago's gasoline truck. On Friday, Santiago's cheatin' truck rolled through D.C., and settled in one location for about an hour. [...]

Who Botched the Gender Identity of a D.C. Homicide Victim?

Vigil attendees pay their respects to Tyli'a Mack.
On Wednesday, Aug. 26, one person was killed and another critically injured in a daytime stabbing outside 209 Q St. NW. In the hours following the homicide, police and reporters gathered witness testimony, formed a description of the suspect, and chased likely motives. This time, cops and journalists [...]

Journalists: How To Make Your Sex Work Stories Less Insanely Creepy

Now that we've all endured this FOX 5 story on "morning prostitution"—which deemed sex workers "too gross to describe," much less speak to—I think it's about time to begin the healing process. How might we, as journalists, begin to make local news reports on prostitution less insanely creepy?  Cyndee Clay, Executive Director of Helping Individual [...]

FOX 5: Prostitutes “Too Gross To Describe,” Speak To

For two weeks, FOX 5 trained "secret cameras" on the intersection of 11th & K NW in an attempt to catch sex workers in the act. FOX 5's investigation revealed "ladies of the night hitting the streets in broad daylight." But while reporter Tisha Thompson's work included the requisite indignant neighbors, official police commentary, and [...]

Child “Sexting” Video Corner

Fox 5 has a hilarious trend piece out on a new and disturbing trend among youth: "Sexting." Award for lamest old dude opener goes to this treatment: "[Beeping noises] You see it so often: kids texting, their fingers doing the talking," Fox reports. "But a new survey shows, many are actually Sexting."