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Ben Roethlisberger Is the Dracula of Football

Finally, it is upon us: The incomprehensible defense of Ben Roethlisberger to end all incomprehensible defenses of Ben Roethlisberger. On NPR today, sportswriter Frank Deford goes all Andy Rooney on rape, arguing that we should turn sexual predators into role models and "let the thugs play." Please listen to the segment—if only because at one [...]

Victim Blaming and Transgender Rape Victims

Last year, we dredged the ugliest depths of victim blaming when a middle-school girl was gang-raped outside her homecoming dance, and a bunch of assholes got on the Internet to shame her for drinking alcohol. Thought that was bad? Consider what happens when a rape accusation is coming from a trans woman.
Yesterday, the New York [...]

Football Bloggers Attempt to Tackle Misogyny, Homophobia Ensues

Today, Washington Post NFL site The League took up the issue of misogyny in professional cheerleading:

I was really impressed that the Post chose to ask its seven resident football bloggers this question: Should football cheerleading squads be disbanded because they are a misogynist tradition? But then the bloggers were all like: "Nope!"

“He Could Have Sex With Anybody He Wanted.”

He could have sex with anybody he wanted. This is the refrain that we hear, over and over again, whenever any moderately famous person is accused of raping a woman. This is how we instantly discredit the victim of rape before she even opens her mouth, before we hear any of the facts of the [...]

Football Players: The New “It” Victim?

We all know how the media loves its blond, white, female victims and its white, female victims of other hair-colors. Why not mix it up a little bit and add former high school football players who have fallen from glory to the new victim-darling list?

Even Sexy Lady Football Players Get Sexy Lady Cheerleaders

Via Feministing comes news of the new "True Fantasy Football" league, a professional football organization that is currently recruiting sexy-yet-sturdy ladies to suit up in mouth-guards and panties in the "Lingerie Football League." The league is comprised of ten teams across the country, with names like the "Seattle Mist" to the "Miami Caliente."

Inauguration Date-Roundup: We’re Going to the Superbowl!

Face it, you'd rather be here anyway.
* Finally! Spring chicken seeks date for inaugural ball. This 21-year-old man (boy, really!) will be in-town for the inauguration, and seeks "a girl around my age to go with."
* This inauguration ticket-seeker is offering up something a little more interesting than fine conversation and nice legs: Superbowl tickets. [...]