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The Morning After: Racist Cunnilingus Party Edition

* Via SAFER Campus, Iowa's Grinnell College has responded to concerns about racist and misogynistic views expressed by students at a jello-heavy, cunnilingus-themed party. The upside: This is not the last time "cunnilingus" will appear on this blog today!

Newsroom Remodeling = Holocaust?

FishbowlDC obtained a memo from the Washington Post's Marcus Brauchli to the newsroom about the paper's "newsroom revamp." In the memo, WaPo says the move will "involve some tricky logistics and no doubt inconvenience some people." Shucks. Fishbowl's Matthew then compares the remodelling of a building to the Holocaust:
My favorite line: "In the meantime, you [...]

Fishbowl D.C.’s Bromance With Its Photo Caption Contest Continues

Once in a while, Fishbowl D.C. really bros out on us. Every year, we all must endure the Hottest Media Types contest and the shameless self-promotion surrounding it. But nearly each and every week, we fight another silent, creeping bro-dom from the Web site: The Fishbowl D.C. Photo Caption Contest.
This week's contest was true [...]