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Sexist Internal Business: A Note on Comment Moderation

Hey, have you all noticed a startling absence of comments comparing feminists to Hitler lately? Here's what the hell is going on!

Feminist Dating Experiment Yields Only Two Penis Photos

Who says that fucking while feminist is a lost cause? On Ms. Magazine's blog, aspiring feminist journalist Alexandra Tweten (22, 5'7", green eyes) posted a dating ad on Craigslist specifically seeking feminist men. The experiment yielded 68 replies, and only two penis photos!

Feminists On the Aftermath of the Election

There's a lot to talk about.
* Feministing has a comprehensive round-up of ballot measures of interest to both women and gays. Overall, the results are "pro-choice, anti-gay," with three anti-choice measures failing across America. (Feministing also throws in the anti-immigrant and anti-equal opportunity initiatives for good measure). The most ridiculous, Colorado's Amendment 48, was shut [...]