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Buttman Trial: Who Brought Milk Enemas to D.C.?

Wondering how butt enemas and female ejaculation came to be the subject of the first obscenity case to hit D.C. in decades? Credit Los Angeles Police Department Det. Michael Ozaki, who testified yesterday as a witness for the government—and may be responsible for bringing the works of John "Buttman" Stagliano to the attention of the [...]

Buttman Trial: Judge Strikes Corrupted Porn Evidence

This morning, Judge Richard Leon decided to strike the government's corrupted porn exhibit in its obscenity case against John "Buttman" Stagliano. The trailer for Belladonna's Fetish Fanatic 5 will no longer be considered evidence in this case—and the count against Stagliano for making an obscene image "available to a person under 18 years of age" [...]

Buttman Trial: Courthouse Porn Shows Milk Enemas, Racial Epithets to D.C. Jurors

A report by Washington City Paper intern and "Buttman" trial correspondent Juliana Brint:
The story of how 14 D.C. jurors came to spend 50 minutes viewing a parade of hardcore erotic milk enemas from the jury box begins with the pornographic discretion of FBI Special Agent Dan Bradley.
In December 2007, Bradley—using a fictitious name, credit [...]

The X-Files “Wants to Believe,” Just Not In Rape Victims

Recently, I began re-watching The X-Files, a 90's television program about a fringe department in the FBI devoted to investigating "unexplained phenomenon"—paranormal activity, extraterrestrial life, government conspiracy, alien fetus contraband, and the like. Heading up the X-Files is Fox Mulder, a brilliant psychological profiler who has been marginalized in the FBI for his [...]

Grime Scenes: 1711 Rhode Island Ave NW

Village People songs, like cliches, are there for a reason.
Turns out YMCAs were tagged as a cruiser's paradise long before the costumed boy band lampooned the health clubs' rep in the 1978 hit single.
The dirty secret was out at least as early as October 1964, when Walter Jenkins, a 46-year-old married advisor to and longtime [...]

Man Madness Double-Header Special: FBI Vs. CIA

I just can't stop! I've got the madness! Let's sew up this bracket right now! FBI, CIA: Show me your men!

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: My, how the tables have turned. Look who's on the other end of the interrogation table now, FBI! Do you have women working inside your workplace? We have ways of making [...]

Anti-Gay Crimes Up in 2007

Though hate crimes decreased on the whole in 2007, the FBI reports that the year saw a marked increase in violence against gays. Hate crimes decreased by 1 percent; crimes against gays increased by six.
So are anti-gay crimes on the rise? Or are they just being tracked and recorded better?