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The Morning After: Snow Job Edition

* Porn performer Aurora Snow is also filing updates from the Stagliano obscenity trial. Her take: The prosecution hates fun:

Dressing “Too Sexy”: Career Suicide Or Sexist Excuse?

Yesterday, Feminist Law Professors drew my attention to the Miami Daily Business Review's "Rodent" column, a weekly anonymous rant written by various members of the legal community. The latest missive, "Lady Lawyers Should Dress the Part," warns female attorneys that they may be sabotaging their careers with overly sexy business attire. Actually, I think [...]

Metal Guitarist Wears Women’s Shorts, Hell Breaks Loose

Shorts Circuit: Tosin Abasi's fashion sense tests metal.
Tosin Abasi was walking down the street in the East Village when he ran into New York magazine. Abasi’s outfit had caught the eye of a reporter looking for a subject for the mag’s fashion blog, the Cut. Abasi obliged, and proceeded to detail his street style for [...]

RIPT Body-Sculpting T-Shirt Achieves Gender Equality Via Regression

Take a look at this man. He is sculpted. Sophisticated. Discriminating. Confident, as if in possession of a heightened sense of core consciousness. Ripped. But no—this man is more than ripped. This man is RIPT.
" ?" you may be wondering. RIPT, according to RIPT, is "a body-sculpting undershirt designed to support your core, shave inches [...]

Do Obama Supporters Shun High Heels?

In a blog post entitled Sigh . . ., El Guapo in DC makes his triumphant return by lamenting the mass exodus of high-heel wearing ladies from the district. "Ballerina flats," he writes. "Si, ballerina shoes. The women of DC have for some reason turned to wearing ballerina shoes. Have they done this to spite [...]

George F. Will Hates Jeans

So, George F. Will wrote 700 words in the Washington Post yesterday on why he hates jeans. The column, "America's Bad Jeans," was largely inspired by last month's Wall Street Journal piece by Daniel Akst on why he hates jeans. Apparently, Will felt that just one rich white guy opining on his distaste for plebeian [...]