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The Year In Consent

Lessons learned from 2009’s high-profile rape cases.
This was the year of the armchair rape analyst (ARA). If you’ve never run into such a person, here’s a job description: While men across the globe generate allegations of rape, ARAs are charged with casually dismissing the problem from the comfort of their living rooms. They sit back, [...]

Victims Vs. Sluts: Hofstra’s False Rape and the Media

Last week's false rape accusation at Hofstra University has inspired a media storm unparalleled by most actual rape cases. The feeding frenzy has produced some helpful discussion—check out Emily Bazelon's piece at Slate for a thoughtful dissection of rape, sex, feminism, and the law—and a whole lot of unbridled misogyny.In "Crying wolf really hurts [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Real Rape, False Rape, and Sluts

When I wrote yesterday's post on the Hofstra University rape allegation, "False Rape Accusations and Rape Culture," I was hoping that we might all be able to find a common ground, and fight together against both rape and false rape accusations. Then I read the comments. Silly me! The comments of the week are after [...]

False Rape Accusations and Rape Culture

Last night, the Hofstra University freshman who had accused five men of gang-raping her recanted her statement. The 18-year-old student, who had told police that the men had lured her into a dorm bathroom, tied her up, and raped her, admitted to the Nassau County District Attorney's office that the "incident" was, in fact, consensual. [...]