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Indecent Exposure Case Hinges on Naked Eye Contact

Last fall, Fairfax resident Erick Williamson was accused of indecent exposure after a woman and her young child walked past Williamson's house and saw him hanging out naked inside through an open door. Williamson's case hinged on the Virginia definition of indecent exposure, which requires three elements: exposure, intent, and obscenity. Williamson, now forever [...]

Groping Victim: A Prompt Assault Report Does Not Guarantee A Prompt Police Response

In response to the commenter who thought that her story perpetuated the "myth" that sexual assault victims are too traumatized to report their assaults promptly to police, Fairfax groping victim Emily Ruskowski wants to clarify that she did report her grope to police promptly after her 1 a.m. assault—and was told to wait until the [...]

Sarah Palin Supporters Talk Feminism

On Saturday, hundreds braved the first snow of the year outside BJ’s Wholesale Club in Fairfax to get a live glimpse at Sarah Palin, there to sign copies of her new memoir, Going Rogue. Having filed into the shopping center’s parking lot, the Palinites were sitting ducks for reporters with questions like this one: What [...]

Fairfax Teen Suspended For Popping Birth Control Pill

Last month, Fairfax's Oakton High School suspended—and has threatened to expel—a teenage girl who was caught swallowing a prescription birth control pill at lunch. According to the Washington Post:
When a Fairfax County mother got an urgent call from school last month reporting that her teenage daughter was caught popping a pill at lunchtime, she did [...]

Ultimate Fighting Writing Is Awesome

Ultimate Fighting hit Fairfax on Saturday. Shit. Feminism writing is boring, compared to phrases like these:
"Patterson disposed of Britt with a choke-out that looked more like a vice grip."