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D.C.-Area Hospitals Fail HRC’s LGBT Healthcare Ratings

The Human Rights Campaign has released its 2010 Healthcare Equality Index, which rates healthcare providers on their policies toward the LGBT community. The HRC's press release was not impressed. It kicks off: "new healthcare equality analysis from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation found that no healthcare facilities in the Washington, D.C., metro area [...]

Journalism Fail: Student Masturbation Column Or ABC News?

The editor of the Towson University Towerlight resigned last week over controversies stemming from the newspaper's sex column. In her resignation letter, Carrie Wood wrote that University President Robert Caret wrote her an "intimidating, patronizing and bullying" e-mail voicing concerns about the column's servicey take on mutual masturbation.Wood responded to Caret's missive with an e-mail [...]

Daily Failin’

Sorry for the slow day. The Sexist will continue on a regular schedule tomorrow.

Breast Cancer Awareness Cake: FAIL

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and your local Harris Teeter is gearing up for the occasion. I spotted these cute pink-ribbon cupcakes today at the Adams Morgan Teet on 17th St. & Kalorama Rd. NW:

Delicate little ribbon-shaped sprinkles? Darling. However, I found the supermarket's larger BCAM offerings to be somehow less impressive. Observe:

The Breast [...]