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Straight Lab: The Washington Post’s Date Lab Struggles to Make Gay Dates

On Aug. 1, The Washington Post Magazine’s weekly blind date feature, Date Lab, will print what has become a once-yearly ritual: The gay date.
Every Sunday, the magazine writes up the adventures of two single Washingtonians set up by the Post; after the date, both spill the night’s details to a reporter, [...]

De-Friendly Fire: American University student makes Facebook rape accusation

Facebook ’em: Chloe Rubenstein raises an accused rapist’s profile.
On April 22, Chloe Rubenstein posted a note on her Facebook page.
“ATTENTION WOMEN,” she wrote, before identifying two American university students by name and calling them rapists. She went on: “we should all be aware! Stay away at all costs. They are predators and will show [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Sarah Palin’s Slur on All God’s Children Edition

After it was reported this week that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had used the phrase "fucking retarded" to refer to a group of Democrats, Sarah Palin took to Facebook to decry Emanuel's word-choice as a "slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities"—and to demand that Obama give him the [...]

Did the Washington Post Censor the Boning?

Today's inevitable Washington Post feature on people who aren't on Facebook actually got a little bit interesting when it turned its attentions to Ricardo Thomas, 23. Thomas "hates typing and computers," but he does rely on more connected friends to help him Facebook stalk his ex-girlfriend. Thomas doesn't call her is ex-girlfriend, however. This is [...]

Bacardi’s Massive Internet Fail

It would be difficult for any advertising campaign to convince me to drink a Bacardi Breezer anywhere—much less in a shopping mall. Unfortunately, Bacardi's "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" campaign has managed to produce the same feeling of nausea in me, but without the 4 percent alcoholic buzz!

Is the Facebook Avatar a Dude?

Sociological Images accuses Facebook of sexism and ethnocentricsm for using a "white and male" image as its default avatar to represent a typical user, while opting for "orange avatars of both sexes" to represent its "global connection" capabilities.
So why does this shadowy male figure look just like me?

The Morning After: English Pill Edition

* Feministe reports on England's nonprescription birth control pilot program, which would allow Londoners to obtain contraception without a doctor's prescription. The program, however, would place more power over women's health decisions in the hands of the pharmacist:
Under the program, women seeking nonprescription oral contraception will undergo an interview with a qualified pharmacist. Strategic health [...]

Podcast: Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back

Welcome to another edition of “Five Minutes* You’ll Never Get Back,” wherein Mike Riggs and I evade the gotcha media to provide you our highly-edited, barely-rehearsed talking points on sex, media, and politics (but mostly sex). Today, presidential debate celebrity Sam "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher inspired us to spend five minutes* on the subject of [...]

Sarah Palin Facebook Page

Here's Sarah Palin's official page. And here's . . . not the official one. Funny? Sexist? One thing is clear: I am always a sucker for a good wolf joke.