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The State of Transgender Hate Crimes in D.C.

Last month, D.C. police released a report breaking down every hate crime reported in D.C. [PDF] over the past five years. In 2007, changes to the D.C. Human Rights Act required police to begin recording hate-bias crimes motivated by the victim's "gender identity or expression"—in other words, crimes that specifically target transgender victims. Since then, [...]

GLB Against T: Who’s Man Enough to Escape a Beating?

Bitch and Hormone: Gender identity gets worked over in bar fight.
When Mitch Graffeo entered Dupont’s Fab Lounge shortly before closing on Feb. 28, he hadn’t been to a lesbian club in more than a decade. Graffeo, 40, was only stopping in to pick up a friend, 29-year-old Jamie, at the conclusion of the gay bar’s [...]

Today: Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Methinks this might take more than a day, but good cause nonetheless.The Sex Workers Outreach Project has organized a march on our fair city to advocate for sex workers' rights.
If you're interested in attending the march, here are the deets:
Begins at Franklin Square, 14th & Eye Sts. NW, at 12 p.m.
Ends at the Department of [...]