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Vince Gray on Abstinence in Sex Ed

In the second part of its HIV/AIDS interview with D.C. Mayoral candidate Vince Gray, The Examiner quizzed Gray on needle-exchange programs, sex education in schools, and funding for fighting the epidemic. On the schools front, Candace Montague asks if the candidate will support "a culturally sensitive, age appropriate sex education program that includes discussions [...]

Examiner Called On Sexual Assault Coverage, Cites Intern Defense

Last month, Washington Examiner gossip columnists Tara Palmeri and Nikki Schwab drafted a hot little item about Miss D.C. 2009 Jen Corey "kicking some tail at the local bars." Corey, the gossips reported, recently physically defended herself after being repeatedly "spanked," "touched," "pushed," "slapped," and "sexually harassed" by men in public. Corey's got a [...]

Do College Sexual Assault Trend Pieces Stigmatize Assaulting, Or Reporting?

The Examiner reports that "dating violence is on the rise" at D.C.-area colleges. The evidence? More students are reporting instances of sexual assault, domestic violence, and harassment to police and school administrators [Thanks to WAWF for the tip]. But wait: Why is an increase in reporting being framed as a no good very bad thing? [...]

Congress Threatens Free Needle Exchange in D.C.

Thanks to Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia, a rider just added to D.C.'s District's 2010 federal appropriation bill will effectively trash all clean needle exchange programs in this city. According to the Examiner:

Liberals Gloat Over Conservative Porn Use

Recently, a study was released by the Harvard Business School showing that "culturally conservative states are America's biggest purchasers of Internet pornography." The revelation gave D.C.'s liberal bloggers an opportunity to descend on their Republican prey like ruthless, moral vultures. Observe:

Gay Marriage Coming to D.C.?

The D.C. Council is getting closer to approving a gay marriage bill, The Examiner reported this week. Openly gay Councilmember Jim Graham said that same-sex marriage was just "steps away” in the District. Those steps, however, are significant ones; since Congress has oversight over D.C. Council legislation, local marriage will become a national issue. In [...]