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Do You Know Any Ex-Gays? PFOX Doesn’t, Either

If you do, pick up the phone right now and CALL ME (202-332-2100). If you don't, read my cover story this week on why a dearth of local ex-gays poses a logistical problem for the area's biggest ex-gay advocacy organization. BONUS: A discussion of fun new sexual orientation term, "everstraight"!
Illustration by Robert Ullman

Where Are D.C.’s Ex-Gays?

Are you ex-gay? Do you know anyone who is ex-gay? Do you know anyone who is ex-ex-gay? Do you live in the Washington, D.C. area? Then I'd love to hear from you!
Call me at (202) 332-2100 ext. 269, or drop me a line at

Metal Guitarist Wears Women’s Shorts, Hell Breaks Loose

Shorts Circuit: Tosin Abasi's fashion sense tests metal.
Tosin Abasi was walking down the street in the East Village when he ran into New York magazine. Abasi’s outfit had caught the eye of a reporter looking for a subject for the mag’s fashion blog, the Cut. Abasi obliged, and proceeded to detail his street style for [...]

“Ex-Gays” Protected Under D.C. Human Rights Act, Judge Rules

A Virginia "ex-gay" group won a small victory alongside a big defeat in D.C. Superior Court this summer.
In 2002, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) applied for an exhibit booth at the National Education Association's annual convention, "Expo 2002." PFOX submitted an application, signed a deposit check, and prepared its exhibit: an educational display, it [...]

Ex-Gays Not Sure What “Lawsuit” Means

A group of ex-gays—people who claim they were once gay, but have turned straight—are now also claiming they've been snubbed by the D.C. Office of Human Rights, The Blade's Lou Chibarro, Jr. reports:
Parents & [...]