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Rap Sex Euphemism: Gucci Mane’s Gyros, Egg Rolls, and Tacos

Cataloguing the sexual euphemisms of rap music is one of my favorite pastimes. So when a commenter requested that I parse Gucci Mane's lyrics for hidden sexual undertones, I was happy to attempt to smoke out some hidden naughty bits in the rapper's contribution to Young Problemz' "Boi" (Mane weighs in at the 2:55 mark).
Perhaps [...]

UMD Tells Women’s Soccer Team to “Do Her”

The University of Maryland women's soccer team has earned an interesting new sideline chant: "Do Her." The saying, promoted by Sophomore bio-engineering student Chris Dupuis (the guy in the face-paint), is also the name of the team's fan base. They made T-shirts.