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How to Arouse Your Nude Model: “Wiggle Just Enough”

John Hammack has been modeling nude for 15 years, ever since a guy at the gym spied him naked in the locker room and suggested he start disrobing professionally. In the past decade and a half, Hammack has removed his clothing in front of hundreds of people in the D.C. area. Dude has got stories. [...]

Real World D.C. Hook-Up Round-Up, Episode 4: Epic Boner Edition

In this week’s episode of the Real World D.C., cast member Andrew's dubious relationship with consent jumped from cartoon panel to bedroom; Mike wishes Ashley would play with her vagina; Andrew gets an all-night boner (Refresh yourself with the first, second, and third episode sex recaps here).
The top 10 sex-ish moments of the third episode, [...]

Proof I’m Obsessed With Erections

I just Googled "The Sexist." (Don't ask me why I thought it would be easiest to access my own blog through Googling it, but it made sense at the time). Anyway, I was greeted by my blog's associated keywords for the first time. Seven out of the eight I get: rape, Lil' Wayne, marriage, drinking, [...]

Male Rape Victims And the Penetration Problem

In today's Sexist Beatdown, we discussed the reluctance to accept men as victims of sexual assault. Men, according to the Gender Police, are seen as unrapeable—they are constantly expected to pursue sex, and are therefore impossible to violate. Commenter Drew noted another cultural barrier to male victims of sexual assault—our tendency to conflate sexual violation [...]

The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: Sexy “Limp Brethalizer” Edition

Every day until Halloween, I’m offering up the worst “sexy” Halloween costumes on shelves this October. Up next, per reader request: an elaborate sexual assault joke!


Boner Lane: The Boners We Missed Along the Way

After reading my post yesterday on taking a "Trip Down Boner Lane," one reader wrote in with a concerned message: "They missed the Beach Boner," he wrote.
Though my friend was quick to clarify that he, himself has "never even experienced beach boner," only "heard several accounts," he had a good point. In all the discussion [...]

Take A Trip Down Boner Lane

Today, Scarleteen—a great resource for teenagers who are first beginning to, you know, explore the feelings of, like, doin' it and stuff—published an epic roundup of boner queries.
Scarleteen titles its hard-on treasure trove more delicately: "The Roundup of 'I Get an Erection When …' Questions." (Stay tuned for the inevitable "Roundup of I Get an [...]