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Discrimination Complaints A Go-Go

Know an employer who only hires attractive gals who are "confident with their sexuality?" How about a landlord who refuses to rent to married folks? Or a bar that turns away younger men?
If you think it's possible that you have been discriminated against in the District of Columbia in housing, public accommodation, or employment, head over [...]

Nevermind About That Sexually Confident Female Office Assistant

It looks like our discriminatory Rockville car repair company got the message that their job ad in search of a hot female employee didn't exactly jibe with Montgomery County employment laws. The company has removed its Craigslist ad specifying an "attractive" "gal" who is "confident with her sexuality," and replaced it with this sanitized version [...]

Maryland Employer Seeks Office Assistant Who Is “Confident With Her Sexuality”

We're in the middle of the worst recession in our lifetimes. The state of Maryland is hanging at a 7.2 percent unemployment rate. And one Maryland employer has found a silver lining in the desperation of his countrymen: The potential for hiring a total babe.
Last week, an area job seeker alerted me to this Craigslist [...]