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Real World D.C. Hook-Up Round-Up, Episode 3: Too Fat For Playboy Edition

Yes, "too fat for Playboy" actually constitutes a full episode's arc on this show. This week's episode of the Real World D.C. was the Very Special Body Image Edition. Essentially, everyone just commented on Callie's body the whole time. She's not skinny enough! She works out too much! Andrew secretly watches her shower! This issue [...]

The Bachelor’s 23-Year-Old Women, Explained

"Shelby" is a Millenial living in a lame single dad's world.
Last night, a friend of mine sent me a text message:
all these girls are on the bachelor are twenty four isn t your age?
No, friend—it's not. But a little digging reveals that two of the "bachelorette" contestants on this cycle of ABC's the Bachelor, Shelby [...]