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Sexist Beatdown: A Peppermint Foot Massage Does A Douchebag Make

Welcome back to "Sexist Beatdown," a weekly online "chat" between myself and Sady of Tiger Beatdown. "Sexist Beatdown," incidentally, could also define every relationship famously depressed person Elizabeth Wurtzel (pictured) has ever had (just wait 'til you meet GREGG, guys!).
In Wurtzel's latest essay, "Failure to Launch: When Beauty Fades" (published in this month's Elle), Elizabeth [...]

The Morning After

* Early Tuesday morning, a 23-year-old Capitol Hill woman was stabbed 17 times by an intruder after she fought off his sexual assault. She is expected to survive.
* Eliminating tired, gender-specific table manners is bad business for some New York restaurants, reports the New York Times:
restaurant owners, managers and servers say that in ways that [...]