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Gay Marriage Opponents Inch Closer to Death

HuffPo's Jason Linkins phrases it bluntly: "This probably isn't a very nice way of putting it, but basically, the most significant segment of the population that opposes gay marriage is the one that's closest to death." As evidence, Linkins presents this nifty chart showing the age discrepancy in gay marriage support across the [...]

Old People Are Sexting Now

The AARP has finally figured out a way to deter all those crazy tweens from sexting their chastity away: Inform them that a bunch of totally old people are doing it, too. In the November issue Online at, reporter Jessica Leshnoff interviews a handful of first-name-only seniors who admit to sending photos of their [...]

In Defense of the Elderly “Sex Panel”

Note to conservatives: No one is telling your grandmother that she deserves to die, but some are beginning to talk about whether or not she can have sex. That's a good thing.
Marie-Therese Connolly wrote a fascinating article in the Washington Post yesterday about the problem of determining sexual consent among dementia patients. Connolly tells the [...]