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Washington D.C. Wins the Pay Gap

According to the New York Times, the District of Columbia has the lowest pay gap between male and female workers in the country, compared to the 50 states. From NYT: "in the District of Columbia, the median weekly wage of full-time women workers is 96.5 percent of that for their male counterparts, far and [...]

Depressing Feminist Economics Lessons: Unsafe Abortions and Underpaid Strippers

I'm not much of an expert in feminist economics—I count on my fingers—but I can appreciate a visually interesting, sufficiently dumbed-down lady-graph when it comes my way. This week, my foray into quantitative analysis of feminist issues left me kinda down. Behold, graphical representations of Bad News in abortion and stripping:
Depressing Feminist Graph #1:

“Mancession” Acheives Phallic Gender Parity

Yesterday, the New York Times' Cahterine Rampell detailed how the current recession has nearly achieved a "bittersweet" parity between the genders in the workforce—because men are more likely to lose their jobs than women in hard times. Rampell accompanies her analysis with this graph:

Malaysian Economy Gets the “Gay Sex” Treatment

Today, Bloomberg's William Pesek applauds Malaysia for finally making international headlines based on its economic strength—and not on its gay sex scandals.
"Malaysia is in the global financial pages, and for a change it has little to do with sodomy," Pesek reports.
Pesek, unfortunately, leads his own examination of Malaysian economics with a recap of the nation's [...]