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Should Drag Queens Pay to Race Down 17th Street?

FOX5 investigates why some D.C. special events—including D.C.'s traditional Halloween drag event, the Dupont "High Heel" race—aren't forced to pay the city fees for the D.C. police officers employed as security for the parades. Kristopher Baumann, Chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police's Labor Committee, suggests that the city money used to subsidize the parties [...]

Groping at Cobalt, Consensual and Otherwise

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Is there a more grope-centric nightlife destination in the District of Columbia than Cobalt? Out of the dozens of groping stories reported to the Sexist over the past couple of months, two highly non-consensual groping incidents took place inside the Dupont Circle gay bar. In one incident, a man latched onto a woman [...]

Dupont High Heel Race Gets Political

Tomorrow, as per tradition, hundreds of drag queens will race down 17th Street between R and Church Streets NW. According to Metro Weekly, the 24th annual Dupont High Heel Race will see a couple of changes this year: One, you won't be able to drink beer outside anymore. And two, it's political this time.

CVS Free the Condoms Rally Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Cure CVS Now and a coalition of public health advocates will gather outside the Dupont Circle CVS store in an attempt to pressure the pharmacy chain to rethink its locked condom policies. The ultimate goal of the "rally and press conference" is to convince "CVS to adopt a corporate policy to keep all condoms [...]

Cobalt Retires Its Shoe Fetish

Point taken: Cobalt spikes its high-heel ban.
On a cold February night last year, Sara, a 24-year-old straight woman, slipped on the perfect shoes for winter bar-hopping: suede boots with a chunky 2-inch heel. She and her friends—another straight woman and a few gay men—were heading out for a night of dancing at Cobalt, a gay [...]

High Heel Race Video Corner

Thirty fabulous seconds from last night's Dupont Circle High Heel Race. Includes: men in women's clothing; giant phallic Washington Monument costume; swarming mob.
Trouble viewing? Try the youtube version.

The High Heel Race Is Run

It feels good to live in a city where city council candidates gather to vie for the attentions of several thousand intoxicated men dressed in glorious splendor. In case you missed Washington's leggiest pre-Halloween tradition, the Dupont Circle High Heel Race, here's some photo evidence of the event. It's just a taste—I'll upload a video [...]

High Heel Race D.C.: Tonight

In case you haven't signed up to volunteer for the high heel race—or run it yourself—you can take in all the ostentatious glory of this pre-Halloween drag tradition tonight between P and S Streets on 17th Street. The parade up and down 17th (which will be closed) begins around 7 p.m.; the race starts at [...]