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Goobye, Sarah Palin; Oh Fuck, What Are We Gonna Do Now?

A week from today, if the McCain-Palin ticket manages an unexpected, mavericky victory and clinches the presidency, low-rent bloggers, editorial cartoonists, and Hustler will all silently rejoice. Sarah Palin has been a Wasilla-Assembly-of-God-send for Web traffic numbers (Exhibits A and B) since her sudden Sept. nomination as McCain's veep. News of Hustler's Palin spoof porn [...]

Debate Drinking Game: Mixed Sports Metaphor Edition

My father, a Barack Obama supporter, compares the final presidential debate to the last quarter of a sports game: Now that his candidate appears on the verge of victory, all he can do is watch on as he horribly squanders it all at the last minute. So this final debate drinking game is for those [...]

Debate Live Blog Tonight on City Desk

I'll be live-blogging the presidential town hall debate over at City Desk tonight. Follow along here starting around 9 p.m., or take the edge off with the Town Hall Debate Drinking Game.
Earlier I live-blogged Thursday's Vice Presidential Debate. Yep, there was a drinking game for that one, too.

Presidential Town Hall Debate Drinking Game

Presidential candidates—remember them? Now that the dust has settled on the Palin/Biden debate, they're back to bore you again with their conservative man-suits and less-sassy cries of "maverick." In order to mix it up a bit for the viewer, tonight's debate, held at Nashville's Belmont University, will be in a "Town Hall" Q & A [...]

The Sexist‘s Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Thursday night, I'll be live-blogging the sole VP debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. As I do so, I will be playing a Palin-Biden drinking game of my own design. Here, The Sexist's advice on when to drink—and when to chug.
Alcoholic beverage of choice. If you decide to play up the regional theme, select [...]