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Who Is to Blame For An Effeminate Man?

Last month, I wrote about how chivalry encourages men to take responsibility for maintaining feminine virtue. Of course, once men assume ownership over the actions of women, women are encouraged to police themselves in order to avoid embarrassing the men in their lives. Endless cycle, no?
Let's take a look at how this collaborative gender policing [...]

Dr. Laura Solves the Working Mom Problem

Listen to the extremely defensive wind-up to this Dr. Laura question, from a mom preparing to enter the workforce: "With so many layoffs happening, what do you do if there is barely any income being brought in by your husband and you are forced to work?" Dr. Laura Schlessinger, staunch defender of women making careers [...]

Larry King Currently Accepting Homophobic Flip-Flops

Soften your raging homophobia unto me!
If you're a raging conservative homophobe looking for a prime time interview spot, all you've got to do these days is suddenly pretend to be only a mild conservative homophobe, and you've got an audience on on Larry King Live.
First, noted conservative homophobe Rick Warren appeared on King's show to [...]