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What Do Nudists Wear?

What do nudists wear? If this online nudist apparel store is any indication—more than you'd imagine. From what I can tell, nudist attire is clothing which serves a decorative—as opposed to a shielding—function, and generally operates with a clear disregard of genital exposure. It's also a really good resource for any woman who would like [...]

American Apparel Windows Will Stay Gay

This week, hooligans targeted a couple of local American Apparel stores over the stores' prominent "Legalize Gay" T-Shirt displays. On Monday, a window at the Silver Spring location was shattered. Yesterday, an anonymous caller informed the Georgetown location that as long as "Legalize Gay" is on display, the storefronts can expect more broken glass.
American Apparel [...]

The Morning After: Stay Outta My Womb Edition

* In case you missed it, George H. W. Bush tells a really terrible joke about mean, ugly pro-choice ladies (above). Bill Clinton's response, though: Kinda funny [via Feministe].
* Tiger Beatdown offers a feminist critique of John Updike' classic short, "A & P."
* Who's the hottest Congressional Freshman? (My pick: Tom Perriello, 35, Democrat from [...]

Dov Charney Still Crazy, Sexy, Uncool

Conde Nast Portfolio gives notorious sex addict and workers' rights advocate American Apparel CEO Dov Charney the profile treatment in its November issue. My favorite anecdote:
This sexual aura has cut both ways for American Apparel. Charney has made his name in part through controversy. He once famously masturbated in front of a female journalist. Charney [...]

Girls v. Butt

I find American Apparel to be generally obnoxious on the sex front. I think they have obnoxiously sexual advertising, an obnoxiously sexual CEO, and obnoxiously sexual socks. Often, I silently curse American Apparel's sexy ways, only to look down and find my very own body obnoxiously swathed in an entire outfit from American Apparel. Curse [...]