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Sexist Beatdown: Coping With Douches Edition

It's a question every woman must ask herself when she comes in contact with a Sexist Douche: Will she endure his douchery, or will she conquer it? In this edition of Sexist Beatdown, Sady of Tiger Beatdown joins me to discuss various coping strategies in a world littered with sexist douches.
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So, Did 1900’s Dudes Actually Like Vaginas That Smelled Like Disenfectant?

After perusing these turn-of-the-century Lysol douching ads, I was left with so many questions—and so few pre-World War One vagina-odor-controlling husbands to consult. Gchat speculation yielded only one certainty: "if you're a guy like this, you enjoy the smell of pine cleaner."
VAGINA 1: these ads are so insane. what i wonder is: was there a [...]