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Douche Accessories Time Forgot

In the good old days, vaginal irrigation—or "douching"—was a feminine cure-all. With just one blast of vinegar bleach water, a douche could keep your vagina fresh, baby-free, and acceptable for presentation to your husband. Douching has since been widely discredited by the medical community, but the linguistic legacy of the vaginal douche lives on. [...]

The Female Hysteria Douche Remedy (c. 1860)

In case you were wondering what happened to those crazy bitches picked up for "female hysteria" prior to 1900: it's pictured.
"illustration of French pelvic douche device" via Wikipedia Commons.

Dear Judd Apatow, From All the Lady Douchebags

Alright Judd Apatow,
You did it. You made us cry. I want to blame it all on the Loudon Wainwright III track you craftily played over the end credits of "Knocked Up," but I can't. I'll admit it. I believe that there is a part deep inside of you—way, way "Freaks and Geeks" deep inside—that understands [...]

Vintage Lysol Douching Advertisement Corner

The turn-of-the-century Lysol douche: For those married women whose genitalia doesn't naturally reek of bleach like it used to. These early-1900s ads, courtesy of flickr user mrbill, explain the many marital problems that can be resolved by a good vagina sterilization.

The Lysol douche: for when your husband locks you out of the house