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Why Do So Many Men Die As A Result of Domestic Violence?

Last year, 53 people in the state of Maryland died as a result of domestic violence. According to the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, which crunches the numbers for that sad statistic, the domestic violence-related deaths for the fiscal year 2009 (July 2008—June 2009) fell surprisingly evenly along gender lines:

32 of the dead are female.
21 [...]

“Swing It Again, Elin!” In Sweden, Domestic Violence Is Girl Power

Sweden, a nation that has managed to avoid war for over 200 years, has nevertheless been quick to condone overseas agression in one recent conflict: Stockholm-born Elin Nordegren's reportedly golf-club assisted assault on her philandering husband, Tiger Woods. Today on the Daily Beast, Katarina Andersson noted how some prominent Swedish media types have reacted to [...]

The Sexist Outcry Over Snookie Getting Punched In the Face

MTV reality sensation Jersey Shore (the Real Word, but with guidos), is only two episodes in, but it's already infamous for a moment that hasn't yet aired. Next week, Snookie, one of the show's self-described "guidettes," will get punched in the face by a man in a bar. Judging by the show's trailer, Jersey Shore [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Unexpected Butt Boner Edition

The battle for ideological dominance in our nation’s capital’s collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of blaming girls for getting unexpected boners rubbed on their butts?
This week: How to get laid without anyone knowing you got [...]

Radio Station Promotion Promises Rihanna and Chris Brown “Together Again”

Do you wish that Rihanna and Chris Brown would put aside their differences and resume their abusive relationship already? No? Then you'll hate WPGC's newest concert promotion!

Pick-Up Lines Not to Use In Court

Sure, the hallway of domestic violence courtrooms at D.C. Superior Court sounds like a great place to pick up women. They're bored. They're probably on the rebound. And their ex-boyfriend is court-ordered to stay far, far away from your sweet moves. But somehow, the men I've witnessed hitting on chicks in Superior have not [...]

Want Her to Stay Away? You’ll Have to Find Her First.

In popular culture— okay, in Law & Order—domestic violence cases tend to follow a familiar script: Man threatens woman and possibly children. Woman fights back in court.
In Erik P. Christian's courtroom today, the boilerplate plot is reversed for two men. Reginald and Brian both want to make sure that their ex-girlfriends stay 100 feet away [...]

“Don’t Drop the Soap! Don’t Drop the Soap!”

Melvin Brown didn't know that she had another man. Brown had been fooling around with the woman for a little while when he found out about her relationship with Scott Young. Once Brown got to know Young, he decided that no woman was worth the hassle. Besides, Brown had other problems to deal with—he had [...]

Chris Brown Wedding Video: Unbearable Cuteness With a Side of Domestic Abuse

So, the cutest viral wedding video of the moment—dare you not to cry!—is this wedding entrance dance staged to Chris Brown's "Forever." Goddamnit!

Sexist Comments of the Week: NIMBY Edition

Eckington and surrounding neighborhoods are all atwitter over "The Dog Ate My Domestic Violence Shelter," a collection of the neighborhood's common arguments against domestic violence shelters (photo unrelated). Ready for even more arguments against domestic violence shelters? The Sexist comments of the week are after the jump: