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Why Do So Many Men Die As A Result of Domestic Violence?

Last year, 53 people in the state of Maryland died as a result of domestic violence. According to the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, which crunches the numbers for that sad statistic, the domestic violence-related deaths for the fiscal year 2009 (July 2008—June 2009) fell surprisingly evenly along gender lines:

32 of the dead are female.
21 [...]

Nightclub Owner Makes Terrible Domestic Abuse Jokes, Donates Proceeds to Charity

JE Englebert, identifying himself as "a New York City nightclub owner," is auctioning off an outfit worn by Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel on Ebay. According to a press release, the outfit is a "VIP Hostess outfit" recovered from "one of his waitresses who want’s to keep anonymous whom worked with Rachel at TAO Las [...]

The Sexist Outcry Over Snookie Getting Punched In the Face

MTV reality sensation Jersey Shore (the Real Word, but with guidos), is only two episodes in, but it's already infamous for a moment that hasn't yet aired. Next week, Snookie, one of the show's self-described "guidettes," will get punched in the face by a man in a bar. Judging by the show's trailer, Jersey Shore [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Rapist Cheetahs Edition

The "Cheetah," as you surely now know, is a variety of female human who is sexually aggressive, but too young to be labeled a "cougar." In other words, she is a pathetic and gross specimen of female who must be re-branded as a feline, lest she begin to suspect that desiring sex makes her, you [...]

Chris Brown: “I Love Women”

Chris Brown appeared on the Wendy Williams Show on Friday, where he talked about his anger management classes, explained that his posture has been misconstrued by the media, and basked in the excessive fawning of Williams' female audience.
The whole interview was weird. Williams opens the segment by describing Brown in strangely passive language: "Our first [...]

Why Is Rihanna Expected to be a Feminist Icon?

Rihanna's new song, "Russian Roulette," was released two days ago, and it's already been deemed too shocking for the sensitive ears of America's youth. "What message do think it sends to the millions of girls who admire Rihanna as an artist?" asks Deborah Reber of Rihanna's barbed-wire cover pic. Anna North of Jezebel wrote that [...]

Can Expensive Advertising Beat Domestic Violence?

Rarely am I moved by a feat of advertising, but this Amnesty International anti-domestic violence ad managed to resonate with me. The bus poster is equipped with a camera which uses some sort of futuristic technology to know when it's attracted your eye. The gadget aficionados over at Gizmodo are moved as well, in their [...]

Sexist Beatdown: A Peppermint Foot Massage Does A Douchebag Make

Welcome back to "Sexist Beatdown," a weekly online "chat" between myself and Sady of Tiger Beatdown. "Sexist Beatdown," incidentally, could also define every relationship famously depressed person Elizabeth Wurtzel (pictured) has ever had (just wait 'til you meet GREGG, guys!).
In Wurtzel's latest essay, "Failure to Launch: When Beauty Fades" (published in this month's Elle), Elizabeth [...]

Chris Brown Rihanna Assault Reenactment: Activism or Voyeurism? has staged a video reenactment of Chris Brown's assault of Rihanna, based on details from the police report. The video features two fresh-faced white teenagers (not the celeb look-a-likes) miming the fight while a narrator reads from the police detective's account of the incident: