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Meet “Maryland’s First Bisexual Porn Star Rapper”

Hip-hop moguls have a long tradition of multitasking: Over the years, rappers have doubled as actors, restaurateurs, clothing designers, videographers, and snack promoters. But local rapper Imani the Misfit is pretty sure he's charting new territory, as far as side-projects go: He bills himself as “Maryland’s First Bisexual Porn Star Rapper.”

Desperate Measures

For the discerning online dater, picks from the Craigslist litter.
Missed Connections: Fierce Jorts on U St.
A: w4m
S: Unreported
L: U Street
First Impression: No, not you ... the other one in the jorts. "You: strolling down U st. with your friend on Saturday night. You were both wearing fantastic pairs of jean shorts."
About Me: No different from [...]