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Dressing “Too Sexy”: Career Suicide Or Sexist Excuse?

Yesterday, Feminist Law Professors drew my attention to the Miami Daily Business Review's "Rodent" column, a weekly anonymous rant written by various members of the legal community. The latest missive, "Lady Lawyers Should Dress the Part," warns female attorneys that they may be sabotaging their careers with overly sexy business attire. Actually, I think [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Transphobia And Vagina Headshots Edition

Has Juwanna Mann inspired a whole league of transphobic idiots?
Morning, everyone. So, you know how members of your community—your boss, a police officer, officials from South Africa's track and field federation—will occasionally pull you aside and suggest, politely, that your entire existence up to this point has been a complete fraud, and everything you've ever [...]

Grainy Security Video Catches Lesbians Hugging In Tastee Diner

Allegations of Discrimination at Tastee Diner, Silver Spring MD from Tastee Diner on Vimeo.
Yesterday, Aiyi’nah Ford and Torian Brown staged a gay rights protest at Silver Spring's Tastee Diner after being ejected from the restaurant, they say, for girlfriend-on-girlfriend hugging. Now, Tastee Diner has responded to Ford and Brown's discrimination claim by posting a security [...]

Homosexuals Will Fuck Up Photosynthesis Video Corner

Now that out-of-state same-sex marriages are officially recognized in the District of Columbia, we can all finally behold the full testimony of Oxon Hill Minister Leroy Swailes, who attempted to shut down the legislation with an anti-gay tour de force. Arguments include: the positivity of discrimination; the missing link between homosexuality and bestiality; how gays [...]

Maryland Legislature Delays Transgender Rights Bill

It's been over a month since testimony was heard on Maryland's Bill 566, a proposition which would prohibit discrimination “based on gender identity with regard to public accommodations, housing, and employment" in the state. The Maryland legislature is slated to adjourn on Monday, and both the House and the Senate have failed to take action [...]

GLB Against T: Who’s Man Enough to Escape a Beating?

Bitch and Hormone: Gender identity gets worked over in bar fight.
When Mitch Graffeo entered Dupont’s Fab Lounge shortly before closing on Feb. 28, he hadn’t been to a lesbian club in more than a decade. Graffeo, 40, was only stopping in to pick up a friend, 29-year-old Jamie, at the conclusion of the gay bar’s [...]

A Woman’s Privacy Vs. Transgender Rights

Don't you hate it when men pretending to be women slip into your shower while you're publicly bathing your women and children? Yeah, never happened to me, either.
Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government have come up with a pithy little campaign to oppose those pushing to end discrimination against transgender citizens in the state: "Not My [...]

Dell Gets Man Madness!

Dude, you're getting sued! Four former Human Resource execs are claiming that computer co. Dell discriminated against them on the basis of sex and age. The complainants say Dell—and its "All Male 14-Member Leadership Team Headed by Michael Dell" unfairly laid off women over men. Those women who did stay on were subjected to "gross [...]