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Barrier Method: How a 42-Inch Fence Is Threatening Our Nation’s Unborn

To the barricades: Mahoney is pro-life, anti-fence.
On Tuesday, June 8, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney arrived at Planned Parenthood with the intention of going to jail over a fence.
Two months earlier, the District had granted the organization a permit to build a 42-inch-high “wrought iron steel fence” around the front lawn of [...]

Meet a Pro-Life Protester: Carolyn Zolbe

Carolyn Zolbe has been interviewed by City Paper before. "I was in a bright red coat," she says. Is that your trademark? I ask. "That's my winter coat!" she says, laughing.

Meet a Pro-Life Protester: Dick Retta

Dick Retta's been out in front of the Planned Parenthood on 16th Street NW since 8:30 this morning. He's here every Wednesday and Saturday. "That's when they do the abortions," he says. Today's pretty quiet—when I rode up, Retta was the only person outside the building. "I think they're doing a training today," he says. [...]