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Woman Offers Ovary For Inaugural Ball Ticket

An ovary for a ball: Fair trade, no? A 27-year-old Cleveland lawyer and Barack Obama enthusiast thinks so. On Tuesday, Lisa F. posted a Craigslist ad offering her ovary—and that of a friend—in exchange for two tickets to an inaugural ball. "We've exhausted all my legitimate means of finding a ticket by begging our campaign [...]

Desperate Measures: All Hallows Eve Edition

For the discerning online dater, picks from the Craigslist litter.
Missed Connections: Adorable guy crying and carrying a pumpkin
A: 25
S: m4m
L: Logan Circle

First Impression: Carve me a river. "I have to admit, I followed you a bit (as weird as that sounds). But I've never seen such a masculine looking guy with tears in his [...]